De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker announce separate YouTube channels

Today was the end of an “arra” that many fans of YouTuber De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker were not ready for. The YouTube stars and once “Relationship Goals” announced that they have created separate channels. After a two-month hiatus, De’arra and Ken released a new video that surprised some of their subscribers. Over 700,000 people watched the nearly ten-minute video that was number one on YouTube to hear the reasons for the breakup.

On their DK4L channel, De’arra and Ken took viewers away by showing videos from the past and thanked their subscribers for supporting them for almost seven years. While this wasn’t “the end”, both of them joined their new channels and gave viewers an overview of what to expect. De’arra said she would vlog, demonstrate her cooking skills, shop, travel, and more. Ken advised that his channel would consist of daily vlogs, awareness projects, and health and wellness. De’arra was referring to when asked if she and Ken would clear the channel. “We saw a lot of questions. The main question is, are we going to post on this channel? We don’t know the future, ”she replied.

However, she made it clear that the channel will remain in place so viewers can continue to watch the videos posted along with her other combined channel. When the video continued, Ken said that they would not unfollow themselves or delete any pictures on Instagram. There has been much speculation that De’arra and Ken are bothering and she took the time to clear that up. “No, we don’t confess, Ken and I have no hatred, no bad blood, none of this is good.”

De’arra left the biggest question in viewers’ minds unanswered, which is their relationship status. She and Ken confirmed or denied that they were still a couple. While the news hit De’arra on Twitter, many praised her for being single. Although she didn’t confirm it, she liked the tweet “De”arra and Ken just told us they broke up without saying they broke up, “which raised some eyebrows.

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