Dave Chappelle claims celebrities have been those who left “soiled notes” for Donald Trump’s employees on the White Home

A few years ago, Donald Trump’s press secretary claimed that when they walked into the White House after leaving Obamas, Obama’s staff left some not-so-nice notes for them. Obama officials denied these claims as early as 2019, however. Now there seems to be a way of who really left these said notes in the White House.

Recently, Dave Chappelle filmed an episode of “No Filter With Naomi” with Naomi Campbell while the two discussed some of the amazing events they have taken part in over the years. Dave talked about the last event the Obamas held at the White House before they got out.

In the interview, Dave said, “Remember, when the Trump administration moved in they said, ‘Obama staff left dirty notes for us in all drawers and closets. Now I’ve seen that. I’m not going to say who did it, but it was celebrities who wrote all this crazy shit and put them all there. “

He went on to say that when he saw it making the news, he just laughed at the situation.

At the time, NBC News reported that some of the notes consisted of messages such as “You will fail” and “You will not make it”.

Even so, Obama’s staff remained innocent when it came to these notes.

Check out Dave and remember the 2:25 p.m. moment:

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