DaniLeigh shares a shocking being pregnant photograph from three months in the past


Get a girl! Since DaniLeigh announced she was pregnant after months of online speculation, she’s been giving us a look at her belly. Today she did a mini photo dump and shared some photos and videos that she took three months ago. Dani beamed in the photos and worked on her angles! The Dominican mommy changed her hair and sported a black bob, but her outfit stole the show! In a gold tassel top with gold diamond underwear from Tanaya Henry’s “Laced by Tanaya” brand, Dani and her team understood the task. Dani has given the article a title: “Three months ago. I can’t wait to see you, my baby. “

Over 1,000 people showed Dani love in her photo. B Simone left a comment saying she looks great pregnant. However, it was her ex-boyfriend DaBaby who liked the photos that caught everyone’s attention. People continue to speculate that he is the father of their child, although no one has confirmed it. DaBaby seems unfazed by the rumors and is living his best life with his daughters, mother, and the rest of his family as they celebrate his mother’s birthday.

Dani also seems to be focused on her family given her pregnancy. As we reported yesterday, in her home country, the Dominican Republic, she was surrounded by family and friends. Just yesterday she had her baby shower and she looked beautiful. Dani still looks happy. This time she wore a silver-trimmed dress with a cut-out belly.

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