DaniLeigh rocks new bob minimize & it is Ka-Yute! (Photograph)

Earlier this week DaniLeigh posted a number of photos with a new bob cut and it’s ka-yute!

Dani presented her new Lewk with a satin dress outside the stairs. Paired with hoops and a handbag with a gold strap, Dani served and with her new bob she didn’t have to do much because it was actually a mood.

As you know, DaniLeigh was in a relationship with Da Baby. But in February DaniLeigh announced that she was “officially single”. Last month she tweeted, “I can’t wait to be separated from this situation,” tweeted Dani. “On time. All of us humans … we all make mistakes when we’re in love and stupid … but it’s all about growing fr. So I take my class and move on … despite all the hatred I get , it’s okay … in due course. “

In part, she stated, “I think it’s super important because I definitely feel super misunderstood. I think people twisted it like I was going to beat up another woman and her skin tone. “

In January DaniLeigh got a lot of backlash for her controversial song “YellowBone”. She went to Instagram and stated:

“I’ve never seen my skin as a privilege. I see brown skin women flaunting their skin in music all the time. Why can’t I flaunt mine? “

“I’m sorry I wasn’t sensitive to the subject when I wrote my comment” when I talked about her song “Yellowbone”.

DaniLeigh continued, “It can be a personal thing for certain people because colorism is a real thing. But I am not. I am not a colourist or a racist. I have an appointment with a whole chocolate man. I have chocolate friends. I don’t see skin at all. “

“Because you don’t know me, it’s like telling you what I meant by that. Hopefully you can see it with an open heart and a real mind. I’m sorry again. I’ve offended people who are really offended. I am sorry.”

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