DaniLeigh goes on Twitter to handle the backlash on her new track

Just as it looked like the controversy surrounding DaniLeigh’s “Yellow Bone” song had calmed down, the mother of DaBaby’s kids, MeMe, apparently added her two cents to the trending topic. MeMe expressed herself on her Instagram story by sharing a GIF of a yellow bird and writing the message, “Lmfaooo, I’m gone. I didn’t go doooooo. “She went on by plugging in her new music and telling fans to” look for real Playas “while previewing an upcoming song.

Shortly thereafter, Dani started a Twitter rant to further address the backlash. In a series of tweets she wrote: “I let God bless me over and over again… As you sit back and judge me and sit behind you, you will be using small phones and s ** t typing on another woman. You all haters. “

She continued to tweet, “Congratulations, you have to say something about me if you hate … It’s all good. Only God can “turn me down” … That doesn’t mean I don’t care because the people around me are the ones who know my heart, my intentions and my real life … I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. “

Dani gave a breakdown of her ethnicity in a tweet that has since been deleted: “I’m Dominican … I’m Spanish. I am black. I am white … leave me alone. “She ended her ranting by saying she was done for the day.

Dani was definitely referring to her fair skin tone in the song, and a lot of people didn’t take the lyrics well. A user on Twitter commented: “DaniLeigh lost me with that song from Yellow Bone. Are you still making songs that enforce colorism and fetishization of fair skinned people in 2021? Being fair skinned is NOT a personality trait, and unfortunately, honestly, it’s all some of you have that is tragic. #Do it better”

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