DaniLeigh claps again on on-line trolls who poke enjoyable at her breakup with DaBaby – “Is that every one you are going to say?”


Roommate, DaniLeigh has had a rough few weeks – and after recently announcing her breakup from ex-boyfriend DaBaby, she seems tired of the snappy comments. DaniLeigh clapped back heavily after an online troll landed on her comment section to annoy her about the end of their relationship.

After the intense backlash on her song “Yellowbone,” DaniLeigh was in the midst of a storm of comment and opinion on the subject of the song – which she said was meant to celebrate women with fair skin.

Now that she broke up with DaBaby (again), her critics have flooded her social media comments annoying her. As one commenter wrote, “So yellow bone is not what it wants ???” DaniLeigh shot back quickly.

She replied, “Is that all you are going to say?” And for how long??? Come up with something new or just leave my side. “

As we previously reported, Dani announced that she was single and no longer had a relationship with DaBaby today, just an hour after she shared a video from influencer India Love on his Instagram and danced to his song “Masterpiece”. He titled the video: “This Tik Tok is a #Masterpiece @indialove. Tomorrow the best reenactment of this Tik Tok will be flown out for a date with baby on Valentine’s Day. #MASTERPIECECHALLENGE Selection of the winner Friday, February 12th. From now on… GO. “

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