Dancers For Rihanna, J.Lo & Extra compete within the Dance 100 trailer

Dance 100 turns the dance competition genre on its head.

In the exclusive trailer for Netflix’s new series, which premieres March 17, dancers become performers like rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson And Rick Martin put their skills to the test – but instead of dancing, they’ll be choreographing.

“Dance 100 is an epic street dance competition featuring eight accomplished dancers ready to prove they’re the next superstar choreographer,” Netflix teased. “Showcasing one hundred of the world’s finest dancers, known as the Dance 100, contestants must choreograph, teach and perform next-level group performances that will delight the judges, who, after all, are their own dancers.”

The eight competing dancers have also previously worked on routines with artists such as Lizzo, Cardi B And Miss Eliot. In other words, these dancers know what they’re doing.

Still, Dance 100 is a different beast, with one contestant admitting, “I’m not really used to being a choreographer and a dancer at the same time.”

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