Damson Idris shared a enjoyable video about superstar interviews on Instagram

Roomies, Damson Idris has recently become a fan favorite on social media. The British actor gives fans something to rave about with his portrayal of Franklin Saint on FX’s hit show ‘Snowfall’ and his social media posts. Just last week, his fans started cutting up under his tweet where he labeled a woman as beautiful. On Wednesday night, Damson kept his lively social presence going with a short clip showing him doing some of his media interviews.

Damson begins the video with his phone camera held close to a laptop screen. As he speaks, he slowly pulls his phone away from the screen. He first shows the audience themselves. Then he shows his laptop balancing on an empty cardboard box with a webcam attached to its screen.

“Look, never think we’re actors in a fantastic studio when we’re doing our interviews,” Damson said in the video. “We often only balance on an Evian box.”

Damson doesn’t reveal much of his background to viewers. However, the box sits on a small coffee table. There is a cell phone and a white mug near the box. A ring light is switched on behind the laptop and the box.

Damson wears a black suit jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. He kept the accessories simple with a single diamond-covered ring. Damson smiled throughout the video and figured out the situation.

As mentioned earlier, the actor has made his social media rounds as the new bae on the block. He recently had to end speculation that he is dating rapper Dream Doll after a photo of the couple emerged. Dream Doll also closed the rumors by stepping into The Shade Room’s Instagram comments.

Roommate, how do you conduct your Zoom meetings? Do you have a designated space or do you just get in where you fit in?

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