Commerce Desk is attempting to restrict the variety of streaming adverts with the brand new launch

Trade Desk has launched a new ad trading platform to limit the number of ads presented to consumers on free streaming services, CEO Jeff Green told CNBC on Wednesday.

The digital ad buying platform Solimar had previously announced a way for marketers to optimize digital advertising campaigns on the Internet.

Green, who appeared on Mad Money for an interview with Jim Cramer, said the platform will use data to target marketers to ensure consumers don’t see more than three ads during an ad break on streaming services.

“The vision we have for the internet is to get the internet’s quid pro quo, where you see relevant ads in exchange for free content,” he said. “If you can make this relevant and [leverage] You can set data that is extremely sensitive to the consumer so that only two ads are shown [or] three ads. “

Trade Desk, a $ 39 billion company based in Ventura, Calif., Also announced on Wednesday the launch of TD7, its venture capital division dedicated to investing in open internet technology. According to a press release, the venture arm made its first investment in Chalice, a company focused on algorithmic ad buying.

Trade Desk stocks rose 1.41% during the session to close at $ 77.64. The stock is down 3% since the beginning of the year.

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