CNN’s Daniel Dale brutally investigates Ted Cruz’s voter registration lies

The 2020 election season wasn’t perfect for Democrats, but it was successful. And that success drove Republican lawmakers crazy. Many states now have laws that make voting difficult.

It is not easy to sell the idea of ​​restricting voting rights. This is why GOP senators have decided that the best way forward is to lie openly. Ted Cruz attempted this during a hearing earlier this week. However, CNN’s Daniel Dale was quick to point out how wrong the Texas Senator was.

Cruz said in the Senate this week at the earliest: “That bill now automatically registers to vote anyone who interacts with the government. So when you get a social check, when you get an unemployment check, when you get a driver’s license, when you go to a public college or university, you are automatically enrolled to vote. Millions of illegal immigrants fall into these categories. A process is specifically put in place to register these millions of illegal immigrants. “

After playing a clip of the comments, Dale noted, “None of what you have just heard is right. [The bill] repeatedly says that only American citizens would be eligible to register, just like under current law. “

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale tears up Ted Cruz’s lies about auto voter registration.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) May 17, 2021

The fact checker concluded his comments: “Thats how it works. When a U.S. citizen deals with any government agency, from the DMV to a Medicaid office, their information is automatically sent to election officials to sign up for a vote, unless they choose to opt out. The declaration system works. Non-citizens can expect jail terms and deportations for lying about them, and fraud is extremely rare. “

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