Claudia Jordan Says Nene Leakes Is “Irrelevant” With out “Actual Atlanta Housewives” (Video)

In a recent interview on The Domenick Nati ShowClaudia Jordan had a lot to say about Ms. Nene Leakes and her relevance.

When asked if the former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member was still relevant without the show, Claudia made it clear that Nene wasn’t, and Nene ruined her own career.

After Claudia was asked if Nene was irrelevant, since leaving the show she replied, “Yes, she did.” She then went on to say, “It’s a shame. As much as we’re cool, her and me, I don’t hate her. You made $ 5,000 for your first season on a very little-known show. “Claudia then explained,” You didn’t create the show, but you were really a big part of this show that became a success. To go from nothing to something, then to something great and have burned down so many bridges where no one comes to the rescue. It’s sad, “she added.

After talking about how she hates “seeing people sabotage their own careers with their attitudes,” Claudia also explained, “On the way up, people on their way down will remember when you are want to behave in a certain way. She shot herself in her own foot. “

She also said Nene was “charismatic and” funny “but she was” disgusting and difficult to work with. “Claudia doubled up on her comments, saying,” But she is absolutely irrelevant right now. “

Claudia Jordan also implied that Kanye West was trying to move on with her, but she wouldn’t date him because of the “girl code”.

She said, “He tried years ago … Me and Nicki Chu went to the club. I’ve met him before. I also hung out with Kim … and with the girl code. I couldn’t do it Let’s just say that. “

If you remember, Claudia Jordan was at RHOA for a season and she and Nene Leakes didn’t quite get along. The two had an epic argument this season and the shadow was real!

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