Clarence Thomas simply corruptly prevented Lindsey Graham from testifying in Georgia

Judge Clarence Thomas intervened on his own initiative, temporarily blocking an order ordering Senator Lindsey Graham to testify in a Georgia criminal case.

CNN reported:

Judge Clarence Thomas on Monday agreed to temporarily freeze a lower court order calling for Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to testify before a special jury in the Atlanta area investigating efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 presidential election.

Thomas acted alone because he has jurisdiction in the lower court that issued the original order.

Thomas’ move is an administrative stay, most likely imposed on Monday to give Supreme Court justices more time to consider the dispute.

If the Supreme Court is right to consider whether Lindsey Graham’s efforts to overturn an election for Donald Trump fall under protected speech because taking part in a coup is part of his congressional duties as a senator, then the Supreme Court will legitimize election losers to overthrow to try governments.

Lindsey Graham was not acting in a senatorial capacity when he urged Georgia election officials to use the state’s signature verification laws as an excuse to reject legitimate votes for President Biden in 2020.

There’s no guarantee the Supreme Court will take the case, but even granting the freeze means Thomas has pushed the court into dangerous territory.

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