Ciara surprised in video and pictures carrying a white sundress and braids


Roommate, Ciara showed up on the Instagram timeline on Saturday looking like a whole goddess and so much more! The award-winning singer and dancer visited her Instagram account to share a short video and a series of films. Ciara is so handsome that it might be time to ask husband Russell Wilson to deliver the prayer he used to bag her.

In the video for her Instagram story, Ciara can be seen in a house. She walks towards the camera from an inside door to another door that leads outside. Your eyes are focused directly on the camera as you walk. Ciara stops at the outer door and poses with arms outstretched to hold on to the door frame. She smiles brilliantly white before turning her back on the camera and walking back to where she started. She turns around slightly as she walks and smiles again before the video clip ends. The explicit version of Doja Cat’s hit ‘Streets’ plays in the background.

Her chosen clothing gives her that undeniable glowing aura. She was rocking a long white dress with short ruffle sleeves and laser cut patterns. The dress contracts at the waist and highlights the figure of the star. Ciara’s hair was styled in long, discrete coils that flow past her lower back. She completed the look with lots of thin bangles adorning both wrists and a dainty necklace with a religious cross.

In addition to the video, Ciara also posted three photos in the same look. In the photos she is sitting in the grass in a backyard that appears to be fenced in with a green hedge. The first photo gives Instagram users a detailed look at Ciara’s side profile. Her chin rests near her right shoulder when her eyes appear to be closed. Your skin looks flawless when the sun shines on parts of your neck and chest.

The second and third photos show Ciara in full body poses. First, her legs are stretched all the way, resulting in a moisturized and taut mood. Then in the last photo she pulls one leg back towards her body. The photos highlight the natural beauty of the star. Check them out below:

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