Chuck Schumer turns the tables on Republicans blocking Biden’s FAA nominee

Senate Republicans have complained about problems with the country’s air travel system, but they have blocked Biden’s nominee to run the FAA since March 2022.

The FAA has been without permanent leadership since last March because Senate Republicans blocked Biden’s nominee to run the FAA.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he would strive to end the obstruction: “There is no doubt: It’s time to clear the runway for President Biden’s election for FAA Administrator Phil Washington. Given recent events, including the airline issues and last week’s tech glitch, this agency needs a Senate-approved head immediately. I intend to break that deadlock, work to hold a hearing for Mr. Washington where he can detail his experience and answer questions, and then work toward speedy Senate confirmation.”

The logical thing for Senate Republicans who might be concerned about Biden nominee Phil Washington’s experience level would be to hold a confirmation hearing to ask him about his qualifications, and then vote against him if they think so are that Washington is not qualified.

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The illogical decision Senate Republicans have made is to block Washington’s confirmation hearing. It is hypocritical for Senate Republicans to complain about aviation problems while denying proper leadership to the FAA.

The next time a Senate Republican complains in the press about the FAA and air travel, the first question he should be asked is why are they blocking Biden’s nominees from running for the FAA.

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