Chris Sails apologizes to Queen Naija & Clarence for previous issues

Queen Naija, Chris Sails

I love to see it. It takes growth for someone to apologize and acknowledge that they said or did something to hurt you. It’s no secret that Chris Sails, his ex-wife Queen Naija, and their boyfriend Clarence had a difficult relationship, but it looks like Chris is starting over and moving forward in a positive way. He posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining his previous actions and why he made videos related to his ex. Chris got sincere and stayed honest, saying the reason for the videos was that he was low on money.

Chirs stated that during this time he was helping his family and friends and taking care of so many people even though he did not have sufficient income to support himself. “I felt that God put me on this earth to help,” he said. Chris went on to say that he decided to take a new approach on YouTube to help increase his income. Chris said if he posted videos on his YouTube channel his subscribers wouldn’t see the content, but he did notice that once he added “ex” in the title, his views would increase. Chris claimed that the first video he posted made him $ 5,000.

The money was the motivation so he decided to keep using “Ex” for clickbait and it worked. As the video progressed, Chris made it clear that he had no intentions or plans to destroy Queen and Clarence’s happy home. He further stated that he did not want to be the cause of the couple’s problems. Chris sincerely apologized for the things he’d done in the past.

As we reported earlier, there was a drama about the graduation of their son CJ about Chris and Queen because Chris was not invited. Chris seems to have let go of that pain, however, and said he was hoping for a fresh start with Queen and Clarence and hoping they could attend one of CJ’s future events together.

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