Chris Christie slams Trump in presidential marketing campaign announcement

Chris Christie emerged from the gate and spoke about Trump in the most blunt terms that other Republican presidential hopefuls had feared.


Christie said: “A lonely, selfish, selfish mirror pig. Ain’t no leader… Well, let me get this straight if I haven’t already. The person I’m talking about who is obsessed with the mirror, who never admits a mistake, who never admits a mistake and who always blames everything that goes wrong on someone else and something else, but finds every reason, everything goes wrong, acknowledging Right is Donald Trump. And if we’re not having this conversation with you, we don’t deserve to be asking for your vote. We don’t deserve the mantle of leadership. We don’t deserve you to think of us as people worthy of leadership.”

Chris Christie was right about one thing. Any Republican candidate who does not attack Trump is definitely not worthy of the votes of the American people. Chris Christie’s approval ratings are underwater among Republicans. He has virtually no chance of winning the Republican nomination, so his job this campaign is to do the dirty work and incur Donald Trump’s wrath.

Whether Trump will give him that much attention or if Christie will be able to meet the RNC criteria to take part in the debates is an unknown question, but Chris Christie is in the running and he’s trying to take Donald Trump out.

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