Chloe Bailey talks about self-love in emotional movies

Chloe Bailey had driven social media crazy when she posted her post for the Buss It Challenge, but while many loved it, the sexy video garnered a lot of critics. On Sunday night, Chloe decided to approach those who have negative things to say about her.

In a tearful video, Chloe discussed how she struggled with problems of self-love and now embraced who she is. She partially stated

“For every woman out there, don’t change who you are to make society comfortable. And I tell myself that even if I posted the video yesterday, I won’t do that. I posted it because I was sagging and doing Palo Santa and I was like, ‘Let’s have a positive vibe,’ ”Chloe said.

She continued, “I didn’t even really notice you guys were talking about my a ** because I was like, ‘OK, I’ll just go in from a second, two seconds …’ and I feel like I’ve shown it My a ** more than I have with it when you watch our performance videos, the last performance we had in December. I was just so excited and on stage and just being myself, so … I don’t know. “

Chloe added, “I just felt the important thing was to bring it up so that you somehow know who I am. And I find it really difficult to honestly consider myself a sexual being or an attractive being. So when I see all the commotion over my posts and stuff, I’m a bit confused. I really don’t get it because I’ve never seen myself like this before. “

Lots of people came up on social media to defend them, saying, “Chloe better than me[}Iwould’vecalleditmiserableandbadlybuilt”Someoneelsealsotweeted”You’regoingtoCHLOEBAILEALLEINF**KVERLASSEN”[}Iwouldabeencallingb****esmiserableand’OLKALLINGB****esmiserableand’OLKALLBUILED”HEONEELSealsotEweet”[}Ichhätteesalsmiserabelundschlechtgebautbezeichnet”Jemandanderestwitterteebenfalls:”IhrwerdetCHLOEBAILEALLEINF**KVERLASSEN”[}Iwouldabeencallingb****esmiserableandbadbuilt”Someoneelsealsotweeted”Y’ALLAREGOINGTOLEAVECHLOEBAILETHEF**KALONE”

Hopefully she won’t let the haters stop her from expressing herself freely.

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