Chico DeBarge is charged with drug possession and false impersonation after figuring out himself as his brother James DeBarge in the course of the site visitors obstruction

Chico DeBarge

Phew Chile! Chico DeBarge was ready to toss his brother under the bus last week after he was reportedly stopped near a mall in Burbank, California and allegedly told police officers his name was James!

According to TMZ, Chico was stopped by police on Jan. 13 after police reportedly noticed he was driving with no license plate and no headlights on. The Burbank PD said Chico did not identify with him and instead identified as his brother, James DeBarge.

According to the police, Chico was driving with two female passengers and they found methamphetamines and heroines on him during a search. He was arrested shortly afterwards and duly identified by the police while he was being booked.

Chico has been charged with drug possession, DUI, and fake impersonation. He reportedly spent 10 days in jail before putting on bail on Friday.

However, this isn’t Chico’s first encounter with the police. If you remember, Chico was arrested again for drug possession in Burbank after police reportedly tried him with a piece of wire to unlock an SUV. Officials reportedly assumed he was trying to break into the vehicle and found methamphetamine in his pockets when he searched it.

Chico has admitted to struggling with addiction for years and we hope he gets the help he needs to get ahead!

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