Chicago talks about Fly Tatted’s demise

Bella Black Ink Crew Chicago

Bella from the reality TV show “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” broke their silence and spoke up after Castmate Elijah, also known as Fly Tatted, died. It was revealed that he passed away on Instagram earlier this week from castmates Ryan Henry and Charmaine Bey when they shared heartfelt news of his departure. While the cause of his death is being investigated, Bella was charged with shooting Fly. Tuesday she shared a message on her Instagram.

Last night, she went live on Instagram and spoke emotionally about the alleged details of his death and denied any allegations that she was involved. Bella said, “I don’t care what you say about me. I don’t even care that you call me those names and a killer. I just care about his family. They won’t understand. This man didn’t mean it to do. ” She asked everyone to leave Fly alone because they didn’t see what happened before he died. She went on to say live, “Yall wasn’t there when I was there. I should meet with his father. I told the police what happened. He did not try to commit suicide. It just happened. He fought demons. “

It seems that the two were together. When the news of Fly’s death first came, Ryan and others believed it was due to suicide. Ryan later posted a message on his Instagram saying something else. He wrote: “Due to previous misinformation yesterday. Family and friends confirm that the death of Elijah “Fly Tatted” was classified as murder rather than suicide. Prayers to his family. “

There is currently no clear answer as to the cause of death from Fly Tatted. However, we will keep you informed as more information becomes available. Let us continue to keep his family and friends in our prayers.

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