Chester Bennington’s spouse honors the late Linkin Park star on her birthday

Talinda Bennington paid tribute to her late husband Chester Bennington in honor of what that would have been Linkin Park 45th birthday of the singer.

In an Instagram post on March 20, Talinda, who married Chester in 2006 and shares three children with him, wrote an emotional message to Chester and shared a video of her late husband dancing with her son Tyler, now 15.

“Happy birthday,” she began the mail. “You would have been 45 and yes, Tyler would let you do that dance again! This life without you will never be easier or less painful. We miss you very much. We’re going to celebrate you in so many ways today … Tyler teaches the girl and me, this dance will only be one. We love you forever. ”

Chester, who spoke openly about his battle against mental illness and depression, died of suicide in July 2017. His death shook the rock community, especially when it came to Chester’s close friend’s birthday. Sound garden‘s Chris Cornellwho died of suicide just two months earlier.

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