Charlamagne Says You Screamed Over Pete Davidson’s ’10-Inch Penis’

Charlamagne Tha god told everything on the Gram early Friday morning. The radio show host buckled his little boots and took his bill with a pointed clarification Her.

“I think in life you should always tell the whole story. This story told on @drinkchamps was missing some context so I decided to provide it,” Charlamagne wrote in his caption. “Sending healing energy to everyone who needs it this morning felt petty and might be erased later.”

He posted a snippet of his guest appearance on The Brilliant Idiots podcast. In the video, he addressed a segment of the Yes Drink Champs interview in which the rapper expressed his confusion over Charlamagne’s previous comments Peter Davidsonpenis size.

“Charlamagne, he’s gonna go on air and say, imma paraphrase it, Kim is dating Pete because he’s got a bigger dick,” Kanye West said on Drink Champs. “Why are you talking about another man’s cock on camera?”

Charlamagne says you initiated comments on Peter’s eggplant

According to the Charlamagne storyline, he fell out with the rapper last November. Ye reportedly called Charlamagne to convince him to forsake allegiance to Pete Davidson, but the host hadn’t.

“He’s basically trying to get me on board to give a shit on someone he knows is my friend Pete Davidson,” Charlamagne said.

The radio host said Ye wanted to help save “the new Marilyn Monroe,” meaning Kim. Given the alleged timeframe, the argument definitely went down after Kim and Pete shared their first kiss on Saturday Night Live while Kanye sat among the in-person audience. By early November, the media had reported at least two public outings between Kim and Pete that energized more than just friends.

Charlamagne said he confessed his loyalty to Pete during the heated phone call and doubled down on their friendship. This reportedly angered Ye, and he responded by turning Pete’s bedroom affairs upside down and questioning Charlamagne’s loyalty to the culture.

“Then he finally says, ‘My wife is fucking a white boy out here with a 10-inch penis and you won’t help me, my wife is fucking a white boy out here with a 10-inch penis and you tell me is this your friend? But you’re supposed to be culture? He’s screaming on the phone,” Charlamagne shared. “What am I supposed to do besides laugh about it?”

Host accuses Ye of being ‘a master manipulator’

And the host insists his on-camera rants about Pete’s pickle were sparked by Ye, despite the rapper acting clueless on Drink Champs.

“But the reason I keep mentioning Pete’s penis on the radio is because I know he fucks with it [Ye]’ revealed the host. “Alright? And you told me that. But he walks into the interview and acts like he doesn’t know where this is coming from. The motherf**ker is a master manipulator.”

Although that interaction took place in November, Ye had made his grievances with Petey public by February. West verbally attacked Pete online, calling him Skete, Ad**khead and Hilary Clinton’s ex-boyfriend, among other things. In mid-February, Charlamagne took to the airwaves to offer Ye advice and criticize people who backed his tirades. The host claimed Kim is happy with Pete because, after a lifetime of wealth, Pete offers her something money can’t buy: normality.

“It drives [Ye] crazy that he has all the money and she is not interested in any of it right now. Just be a good father to your kids and let marriage be king,” Charlamagne said. “And we also need to stop complaining about dysfunction. If this was someone else and not Kanye West and he wasn’t the rich, successful person that we’re beating around in his shoes you would have all kinds of slander for his lame activity at the moment and for the way he won , don’t leave Kim alone now. So stop it.”

Charlamagne jokes that if Kim can’t handle the 10-inch D, neither can he

Still, Yes’s public calls for the comedian didn’t end in February. His slams continued, especially after Pete and Kim made their relationship official on Instagram in March — a week after Kim was declared legally single. That same week, Pete responded to the rapper’s disses in private messages, which Pete later asked his writing partner Dave Sirus to post on his behalf on Instagram.

In his appearance on The Brilliant Idiots, Charlamagne also sprinkled a bit of humor into his story about Ye.

“When a man yells, ‘My wife is fucking a white boy with a 10 inch penis out here and you’re not helping me,’ what does that even mean? If she can’t handle the 10-inch d**k, I know I can’t,” joked Charlamagne.

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