Cardi B’s clip with offset portray Kulture’s Nails will soften your coronary heart

Offset is in ultimate papa mode.

February 23 Cardi B. turned the camera on her husband for her Instagram story when he was painting her 2 year old daughter Culture‘s tiny fingernails with pink polish.

She titled the father-daughter video “He maintains their gadgets”.

The “WAP” rapper confirmed in the clip: “You really let her do what the hell she wants.” The Migos member replied: “She is my baby.”

In the video, Offset moved slowly to get the nails painted just right while Kulture smiled and watched him. “Pretty? Say pretty,” he said when Kulture confirmed that her nails were indeed pretty.

This isn’t the first time Offset has demonstrated its cosmetic prowess when it comes to Kulture. In 2019, Cardi pinned the “Clout” artist on her Instagram while trying to style the 1-year-old’s hair.

In the parents’ super relatable moment, Kulture giggled at her father’s hair skills when Dora was playing The Explorer in the background. Cardi wrote the adorable post, “Well, at least I did the ponytails.”

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