Capitol Assault exhibits that Trump is principally the chief of a white supremacist terror cell

MAGA loyalists in the dark corners of the internet – and even some members of Congress – claim that leftist activists, not Trump supporters, orchestrated last week’s attack on the US Capitol.

However, new reports show that the mob that fell on DC on Jan. 6 was filled with white pro-Trump supremacists, many of whom were on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

According to the Washington Post, “most of the people on the list in Washington that day are suspect white supremacists whose past behavior has alarmed investigators so much that their names were previously entered in the National Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) flagged as potential security risks. “

These people didn’t show up in the capital by chance. Trump spent weeks upsetting them and lying to them about the election until he finally asked them to march to the Capitol and fight back – and that is exactly what they did.

More about the MAGA terrorists via the Washington Post:

The presence of so many watchlisted people in one place – with no stricter security measures to protect the public – is another example of the intelligence shortcomings prior to last week’s deadly attack that saw lawmakers run for their lives on some current and former law enforcement officers argued. The revelation follows a report in the Washington Post earlier this week describing the FBI’s failure to aggressively respond to an internal intelligence report of internet discussions of plans to attack Congress, break windows, collapse doors, and “violence” to react. . . Go there ready for war. “

Other current and former officials said the presence of these people was a not surprising consequence of the fact that thousands of passionate Trump supporters had gathered to speak out against Joe Biden’s certification as the next president as a last chance. Nevertheless, the disclosure underscores the limitations of such watchlists. While intended to improve the way information is gathered and shared between law enforcement agencies, they are by no means a foolproof means of anticipating threats.

Trump is basically the leader of a white supremacist terrorist cell

Donald Trump likes to claim that he is the leader of a massive political movement that represents the majority of the country. But after losing the referendum in two consecutive elections, it is pretty clear that it is not.

After all, if the MAGA movement were this big, they wouldn’t have to launch a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol to topple a presidential election that lost its candidate.

What Trump’s deadly DC riot really shows is that he has basically become the leader of a white supremacist terror cell. It may not represent the majority of the country, but it is dangerous and will remain a threat even after you leave the White House.

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Sean Colarossi currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was an organizing fellow for both of President Obama’s presidential campaigns. He also worked with Planned Parenthood as the Outreach Organizer of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, helping Northeast Ohio residents get health insurance.

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