Candace Owens proposes suing George Floyd’s household

Candace Owens examine their legal options against it George Floyds family. The move is in response to her $250 million lawsuit against Her for “harassment, defamation and infliction of emotional distress”.

Last week, Roxi Washington, the mother of Floyd’s daughter, announced she would be suing the artist on her child’s behalf. The lawsuit states that Yes’s refuted claims about George Floyd’s death re-traumatize his daughter for personal gain.

“They hit [George] with the fentanyl,” Ye said on the Drink Champs podcast. “If you see, the boys’ knee wasn’t even up [Floyd’s] neck like that.”

Ye’s appearance on Drink Champs, which was littered with inaccurate and insensitive remarks, sparked such controversy that the show’s host, NORE, went on an apology tour for it early last week. The rapper’s comments, particularly the anti-Semitic conversations, also appeared to shed light on the game among several partnerships, including Balenciaga.

Candace claims she has reasons to sue Floyd’s family

Meanwhile, ahead of the lawsuit announcement, Owens clapped back to online users as they discussed Floyd’s family potentially suing her.

“I think you should consider how defamation law works in this country,” Candance replied to a Twitter critic. “Did you know that the truth is an absolute defense against it? Did you pick up Floyd’s stuff? Didn’t Floyd say “I can’t breathe” before being put on the floor? ‘Sue them’ is not an argument.”

And the conservative commentator added to her attack on the family’s lawsuit claims in a podcast episode. She revealed plans to determine the legitimacy of a lawsuit against the family.

“Besides, I’m tired of frivolous complaints. You know, if that’s actually considered credible, if you can sue someone because you feel “emotionally shattered” because they go out and say things, then I think I have reasons to sue George Floyd’s estate,” Candace said in a podcast episode.

But Floyd’s family believes there was a financial intent behind Ye’s words. Your suit says the rapper “Knowingly made patently false statements about George Floyd’s death in order to promote his brands and increase marketing value and revenue.”

Yes’s fentanyl claims contradict 2021 murder conviction Derek Chauvin. According to the evidence at the trial, Floyd died after Derek restricted his oxygen flow for nearly 10 minutes with a knee on his neck – an inhumane act witnessed by the world on video.

A jury found the former Minneapolis officer guilty in 2021 of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. By June, a judge sentenced Derek to 22.5 years for the conviction. That year, the court granted Chauvin an additional 22 years to be served concurrently for violating Floyd’s civil rights.

Despite this, Ye chose to disseminate Candace’s documentary talking points on a national platform.

Owens calls family lawsuit a ‘little PR stunt’

Despite the court result, online backlash over the fentanyl claims, or Yes’s public silence on the lawsuit, Candace pushed forward with her pushbacks. The show’s host pulled language from the lawsuit to express her disapproval of the family’s decision.

“I have reasons to sue George Floyd’s family over this little PR stunt. It’s causing me a lot of grief,” Candace said. “I am angry and upset that I am fighting to rid black America of the lies while these people are fighting to keep them in the dark.”

It is currently unclear whether Candace has already established the legitimacy of a lawsuit against Floyd’s family. Ye continues to remain silent on social media about the matter and all other happenings around him.

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