Calling Nunes and Giuliani idiots is “an insult to idiots”

The United States and Russia have had a strained relationship for as long as a living American can remember. But that relationship took an odd turn during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Instead of seeing Vladimir Putin as an opponent, the 45th president appeared to be looking up to the Russian president. And some in his immediate circle agreed.

That group included Rudy Giuliani, Ron Johnson, and Devin Nunes. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney went so far as to refer to Nunes as “Russian capital”.

However, Nicolle Wallace is unsure whether it is appropriate to call the three men useful idiots. In fact, the MSNBC host says that would be an insult to idiots.

Wallace began: “It would be fun if it wasn’t so tragic. The fact that their words reflect Russia’s disinformation to hurt Joe Biden, which was undoubtedly identified in yesterday’s reports, is the only remaining question of whether the acts are hilarious or ignorant. The term “useful idiots” can be slapped on them and was used by Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney last hour, but that feels unfair to idiots. “

Nicolle Wallace: It’s an insult to idiots to call Giuliani, Nunes, and Ron Johnson useful idiots.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) March 18, 2021

The host continued to talk about the Russian disinformation campaign pushed by Putin. She told the audience: The campaign even more significant in the course of what the report contains, quotation, a Network connected to Ukraine Individuals took steps throughout the electoral cycle Damage US connections to Ukraine and demigrate P.Resident Biden and his cAndidacy. That sick feeling in yours Stomach isn’t lunch, it’s that Reality Putin got away with understands more than anyone. We’ll spend years unpacking What extent can Trump have cooperates. “

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