California couple can not transfer into their new house after vendor refuses to maneuver below the safety of the state’s COVID Eviction Act

Come into this mess, roomies! A California couple were excited to buy a new home in Riverside on January 31, 2020, and more than a year later they still haven’t moved in. If you remember, the state of California passed a law that puts an end to evictions due to the pandemic, and even though he skipped the house, the man decided he wasn’t going anywhere.

According to Fox LA, Tracie and Myles Albert used their savings and a loan to buy the $ 560,000 river house but were unable to move in. Unfortunately, the man who sold the house found a loophole in the California eviction moratorium, making it difficult for the Albert’s to get authorities to forcibly remove him from the house.

“We own the house, right away,” said Myles. “This is our house and everything is done in one contract, in writing, legally. He got the money paid in his account. How could we not have a right to go into our own house? “

Chris Taylor, the real estate agent who sold the house to the Alberts, said the couple contacted authorities and tried to evict the man but got nowhere because of the pandemic.

“You have this case under a no eviction COVID tenant situation, if it is not at all,” Myles said. “This transaction was completed in January 2020 before any of this happened. It’s not a tenant that’s been kicked out. It’s the guy who raised all the money. “

Myles remembers contacting law enforcement and said to him, “If you were in Arizona, if you were in Nevada it wouldn’t be a problem, you would just take your house back. But in California there is nothing we can do, even though our hands are tied, even though we are on your side. “

In this situation, what would you do, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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