Brittney Griner’s legal professional releases particulars of her detention

Brittney Griner’s lawyer has spoken candidly about her living conditions in a Russian prison, which is heartbreaking. In a recent interview with the New York Post, her attorney, Alexandr D. Boykov, explained that the NBA player, who has been behind bars for nine years, “wasn’t in as good a shape as I might find her at times.” He explained that Ms. Griner is allowed outside once a day. During this time, she walks for an hour in a small yard of a penal colony outside Moscow.

He added that she spends the rest of her time in a small cell with two cellmates, sitting and sleeping on a specially lengthened bed to accommodate her 6ft 9 frame. Brittney has been incarcerated for nine months and is increasingly worried about her chances of being released on a prisoner exchange and is struggling emotionally, one of her lawyers said.

Although Brittney has scheduled an appeal hearing on her conviction for Oct. 25, the basketball star isn’t optimistic about coming home. “She’s not quite convinced that America can bring her home,” Alexandr said. The lawyer added that he spoke to his client and said: “She is very concerned about what the price will be and she is afraid that she will have to serve the entire sentence here in Russia.”

Alexandr hopes Brittney’s nine-year sentence, which he described as an “unprecedented sentence” for marijuana possession, would be reduced. He said, “Maybe the verdict will be changed somehow and the sentence maybe reduced because the first court’s decision is very different from legal practice,” he said. “Taking into account all the circumstances, taking into account the personality traits of my client and her admission of guilt, such a judgment should be absolutely impossible.”

Roommates, we’ll keep you posted as the hearing nears!

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