Britney Spears releases one in every of her basic songs after Shading Household

Amid ongoing tensions with her family, Britney Spears took a moment to sing one of her classic numbers – but on her own terms.

The pop star’s friend Sam AsghariHe shared footage on his Instagram story on Sunday, July 18, which appeared to show the longtime couple driving through Los Angeles while Britney sang along with the radio on their 2001 song “Lonely”. Neither of their faces was seen in the video, although her right hand with red nail polish and her little triangle tattoo can be seen near her thumb.

In the car, Britney, who appeared to be in the driver’s seat, told Sam that “Lonely” is “a song I was proud of”. Sam replied, “Really?” and later adds, “I love this song.”

The 39-year-old actor could be heard accompanying the bridge containing the agonizing text: “Think about times / You made me cry / You had me so confused / I’m tired of trying / Stop it back / What is a girl doing? “

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