Britney Spears even reveals that her mom Lynne desires her to “sing once more”

It’s been a while since Britney Spears appeared in front of a sea of ​​fans, but her mother Lynne Spearswant her to remember that she can sing.

On Friday March 19, the pop star shared a video on Instagram and wrote, “Gosh … my mom sent this to me reminding me that I can sing.”

Her mother apparently told her, “You never sing anymore … you have to do it again !!!!”

Britney, who is herself a mother of two, did not comment on these encouraging words. Instead, she said she had never seen the relapse performance, adding that it was “definitely from a while ago”.

“It is from one of the first trips I went on alone,” she recalled. “Most of the time, I just remember,” WOW Singapore! “to have said.

Although Brit’s mom and fans don’t hear the singer’s voice, the star doesn’t seem to be in the mood to travel the world at this point. Last November, Britney’s lawyer Samuel D. Ingham III said that the pop star is afraid of her father, Jamie Spearsand refuses to perform while he controls her career, according to Us Weekly.

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