Britney Spears’ Brother-in-Regulation Jamie Watson Defends Her Household

At Wednesday’s court hearing, Britney said she wanted to be able to meet with a therapist once a week at most, and at her own home to maintain privacy. The singer has in the past undergone mental health treatment both at her house and at clinics. At the hearing, Britney also described what she said was a phone call with her father about a past treatment plan for her.

“‘I’m sorry, Brittany, you have to listen to your doctors. They are planning to send you to a small home in Beverly Hills to do a small rehab program that we’re going to make up for you. You’re going to pay $60,000 a month for this.’ I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it,” she said. “The control he had over someone as powerful as me as he loved to control to hurt his own daughter and 100,000%. He loved it.”

She also said in her statement, “My precious body has worked for my dad for the past f–king 13 years, trying to be so good and pretty. So perfect because he works me so hard when I do everything I’m told.”

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