Boxer Adrien Broner feedback on the viral video of the argument between Quavo and Saweetie – “I do not see something flawed with this video”

Adrien Broner

Roommate, social media is practically on fire after a viral video was posted showing ex-married couple Quavo and Saweetie having an argument in an elevator. As expected, everyone has interfered with their opinion on the incident – and controversial boxer Adrien Broner is no exception when he declared on social media that he had Quavo’s back.

Social media immediately broke out over the news following the explosive video of Quavo and Saweetie physically fighting in an elevator. Various celebrities commented on the video in which Quavo grabbed Saweetie by the arm and pushed it against the wall – and Adrien Broner was one of the first.

He went to his Instagram Stories and wrote the following message:

“I don’t see anything wrong with this video. If you ask me that this is black love, if me and my significant other don’t argue like that, I don’t want it because I’d rather have someone beat me in my sleep before I take a beautiful woman who sneaks off and f ** k another n *** a while I sleep … it’s the black hard love for me ”

Adrien Broner wasn’t done yet, however, and added a little more to his caption. “@Qquavohuncho, I’m behind you my head, we all know you were a great fan of this woman and it’s none of my business, but I hate to see another black man torn down in this world. # Culture3. ”

As we previously reported, TMZ received surveillance footage from an elevator in an apartment complex where both Saweetie and Quavo are involved in some sort of argument. Sources close to the situation told TMZ that the incident occurred in an apartment building where Saweetie lived in 2020.

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