Botched is Again with Armpit Boobs & Extra Loopy Instances: Watch

You are backkkk!

Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow are Return to a seventh season of E! Botched’s hit series on May 18. In this newly released trailer, the Docs tackle everything from heartbreaking to terrifying.

The duo consults a woman who has “breasts in my armpits” and a client who wants to double the size of his already plump pout.

“Some patients have problems because the operation went badly, other times because nature went badly,” explains Dubrow. “It gets even better.”

“I don’t know what I’m seeing!” Nassif is joking.

Viewers can also expect to see a woman growing an extra set of large breasts under her breasts (they are even lactating …), a man who is convinced that his mother’s IUD in the womb deformed his nose , and a customer with a breast problem concerned with the BRCA gene was left behind after a messy mastectomy, increasing her risk of breast cancer. Doctors also treat a patient after a near-fatal accident leaves a hole the size of a shark bite in his stomach. Ouch!

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