Bobby Shmurda denies realizing a girl he obtained near in a viral video – she claims he is mendacity

Bobby Shmurda has received a lot of love, especially from the ladies, since his much-anticipated return to the free world.

After a little over five years in prison, Bobby was back on the scene, performing and working on music. His love life wasn’t in the spotlight until Tuesday night when a mysterious woman shared a video of them together.

The video was kind of a compilation of different moments with Bobby. In one of them, the woman who walks past “Lilly” can be seen kissing Bobby on the cheek.

Lilly also referred to Bobby as “dad” in the video that circulated late Tuesday night and was still a topic of conversation on Wednesday morning when Bobby finally decided to bring up any speculation about their perceived relationship.

Bobby went live on Instagram and definitely denied knowing the woman. He said the way she portrayed things was cheesy, but he also told fans to stop beating her up because she was white.

“I don’t know this girl, brother, you need to relax, you stop beating me up first,” said Bobby.

He stated that Lilly is tied to one of his friends.

“Off to the floor, bro, I didn’t fuck, bro! It wasn’t me, brother! This is the homeboy’s joint. “

Bobby went on to say that people test him by making assumptions and while what she was doing was cheesy he said people shouldn’t beat her up.

“I try to be nice and I try to stay a nice guy. I’m on parole but you want me to do it while I’m fucking … you gotta be careful what you say with that gram, boo. You made these little kids watch … shame the girl. Even though she’s done some stupid things, sometimes that’s what people do, boo. You don’t let that slip. “

After Bobby had distanced himself from her, Lilly stepped into the shadow room to clarify her name. She said not only did she know Bobby, but she was there with the group of people who picked him up from prison.

We wonder how Bobby will react to that. We’ll keep you up to date.

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