Blueface Tendencies On-line “Higher Days” After Deleting Music Video

“Yes, aight!” Blueface frequently hits the headlines for playing around with the girls who are part of his reality show “Blueface’s Bad Girls Club”, dealing with his son’s mother and the other antics he posts online. Recently, however, he has returned to the basics and has studied his music extensively! All his hard work pays off because he was trending on Twitter after posting the music video for his song “Better Days” with rapper Og Bobby Billions.

The song, which is a remix of the late M03 and Bobby’s song “Outside,” shows another side of Blueface that fans have never seen before. Blueface raved about a more serious subject. “I’m not praying for those baguettes. I pray for better days, ”he spits. “I’m not praying for this new Vette. I’d rather have my dogs back. Lord protect me with this technology. I don’t pray for this Patek. Remember the day I got the text. “

He kept rapping on the subject of fatherhood. “Another fatherless child. Can’t do right because they left him fatherless. No hood harder than fatherhood. Who is going to teach your son to go further than the father, all these children raising all these children? “Blueface knocked.

In the past, people have criticized Blueface for knocking unconventionally. When he dropped that track, the online conversation quickly began about his steady flow to the beat. Blueface almost broke the Innanet, yes! Not only was it trending on Twitter, the video was also trending at # 3 on YouTube. Better Days currently has over 400,000 views. His artist Chrisean Rock appears in the video directed by Reel Goats.

Check out the video below and leave a comment. Let us know what you think!

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