Blueface Says He Wasted $ 12,000 After Attending The Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul Struggle (Video)

Blueface is responding to backlash received from viral messages

Phew, Chile! The Innanet was in an uproar after the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. It seems like everyone has their own opinion about the highly anticipated game. Celebrities like Porsha Williams and her fiancé Simon Guobadia, MoneyBagg Yo and others were in attendance and seemed to be having fun watching the game. Blueface didn’t have the same feeling as the other celebs, however. While you are in the arena, he shared most of the fight on the gram. The rapper was very vocal about not being happy with the result.

Sitting high up, Blueface kept an eye on the amount of money he was spending on the building. In an Instagram video, Blueface had written the expression of disappointment on the face. “I’m damn pissed. I spent about $ 12,000 on this shit. Never again, ”he said. While standing next to Akon, the ‘Thotiana’ rapper asked him, “Was that the worst fight ever or what?” Akon questioned him and replied, “The worst,” and held it on, apparently not wanting to participate in Blueface’s conversation.

Blueface wasn’t the only one disappointed with last night’s fight. Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather were trending all night and viewers were telling it like on Twitter and holding nothing back! Viewers talked about boxing, some feeling like it was a waste of $ 50 and up. One commented, “I illegally streamed the #MayweatherPaul fight and I still feel like I’ve been robbed.”

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