Blueface is giving its artist Chrisean Rock a Benjamin Franklin value 19,000 US {dollars}

With the rise of the OnlyFans accounts this year, the rapper Blueface from “Thotiana” introduced us to several women on his show Blueface’s “Blue Girls Club”. One of the girls on the show who got the most attention was Chrisean Rock. Blueface announced that Chrisean will be his first female artist to sign with his record label “Blueface LLC”. In November she released the music video for her first single with Blueface, entitled “Lonely,” which has over 1,290,700 views on YouTube.

Today Blueface announced on Instagram that he had given her a diamond pendant as a welcome gift for his record label. We reached out to Blueface’s jeweler, Kris Tha Jeweler, to find out exclusive details about the one-of-a-kind. Kris, who is based in Ridgeland, MS, stated that the pendant with Benjamin Franklin’s face on both sides is 10 carats of yellow and white gold. One side of Ben’s face has blue diamonds and the other white. The pendant has a total of 52 grams of gold and approximately 11.10 carats of diamonds. That’s not all. Kris advised that the diamond SI 1 / SI 2 clear and even have a touch of pink stone, a real sapphire.

Kris gave TSR more details on how he brought this trailer to life. Kris said, “When I first met Blueface, I saw all of the pendants and jewelry he already had. I thought I would like to do something else for him. I know Blueface likes blue diamonds so I wanted to make one side blue and the other side white diamonds to make it a bit more unique. We put baguette diamonds in the outline, which was very hot two years ago. “He went on to say that some of the design came as a surprise to Blueface. “I didn’t tell Blueface that I would make a trailer for him. I just pulled him up with a trailer and he fell in love with him. “

It took about 18 to 21 days to finish each pendant, and Blueface paid about $ 19,000 for the jewelry. Kris came through and created a piece for Blueface and Chrisean that they will never forget.

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