Blueface approaches his artist Chrisean Rock to get one other tattoo of him

For some time now, people have been speculating that Chrisean Rock and Blueface were apparently together based on the perceived interactions between the two, and more specifically the tattoos she has tattooed of him on her body.

In a video, Blueface addresses Chrisean’s actions. While laughing throughout the conversation, Chrisean talks about her need to get Blueface tattooed.

At times, Blueface said, “It’s going to be a bad picture of me and people think I’m telling you girls to do this.” Chrisean continues to say that “he’s a great person” and she got the tattoos because of the love she has for the artist. “I did it because I love you.”

Blueface then asks, “We’re talking about the right kind of love, aren’t we? The kind of love you have for your father, not the love you have for your significant other? ”Then he asks,“ I adopted you? It’s the right kind of love, isn’t it? I will take care of you. I make sure you’re straight, right? I make a difference in your life right Then he asks her: “Yes or no? Yes or no?”

As previously reported, Chrisean posted her latest tattoo on social media. She announced to her followers that she had “Johnathan Jamall Porter” tattooed on her neck. That, of course, is the government name of Blueface, and she proudly wore the tattoo.

As we reported earlier, she actually showed the process earlier this year when she tattooed his name on the side of her face for the first time. Back then, when she talked about why she decided to tattoo his name, she simply said, “You know why I got this shit … I show up with a belly, what then?”

During this time, Blueface also shared a video recording Chrisean making it clear that he was telling her not to get a tattoo.

As many of you know, Chrisean was a contestant in Blueface’s inaugural season of his Blue Girls Club, and she became one of the standout contenders after losing a tooth while living with the group of girls in his house. She then became the first female artist on his record label Blueface LLC.

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