Bling Empire Season three formally has a premiere date

Bling Empire is back – and the empire is expanding.

Netflix has announced a September 7 release date for the richest reality series. So when can fans expect more drama? Well, the show’s third season will premiere on October 5th.

The show will pick up right where we left off at the end of season two, the streamer teases the resident matriarch Anna Schay “received a shocking visit from someone from the past”. Eagle-eyed viewers will recall that this is indeed a mysterious character Andrew Graythe ex-boyfriend of Kelly Mi Li, whom we first met in the first season. After being on and off on and off for over five years, the couple split in March 2021.

Season 3 will also focus on many of our other favorite blingers, including Kane Lim, who “books a big fashion campaign and surprisingly starts a whole new career,” according to the streamer. On the other hand, Netflix reveals that his quarreling best friend, Kevin chalk, revives “an old romance”. Seems like he’s moved on Kim Lee.

And of course the eternal proxy war between Anna and Christine chiu rages.

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