Black Excellence! Twitter customers brag about victories in 2022 in a viral thread

It’s less than a week into 2023 and we’re already experiencing some emotional setbacks, from the death of Gangsta Boo to Damar Hamlin’s critical condition and all the trending Twitter topics in between.

You already know what it is. We forever! Broke my whole heart today, little sister. I love you ❤️#memphis RIP Gangsta Boo

— K. Michelle (@kmichelle) January 1, 2023

Romance is (finally) in the air between Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons. Kyra Harris Bolden became Michigan’s first black female Supreme Court Justice.

But a Twitter thread meandered through the barrage of 24/7 news from the moment the artist and sound engineer was inducted undervalued society tweeted the challenge on Dec. 12.

ALL INCLUDED :: Please brag to me about one thing you did in 2022 that you are proud of.

— Underrated Society (@WeSoUnderRated) December 13, 2022

Almost a month later, the thread is dripping with black excellence, love, progress, joy, healing, and straight forward vibes. And people add it every day.

Pinned to the top of the Under Rated Society page, it’s the timeline refresher that we keep coming back to! Keep scrolling for a few highlights of the 2022 victories shared in the Twitter thread:

2022 was gooooooodddd for me. I wrote my first book, got engaged to the Loml, quit a job I’ve been dying to quit since 2019, became a homeowner, and made some amazing investments. Jesus didn’t have to go on this Hardddd

— #sugarfreebaby (@Bevnketia) December 30, 2022

Congratulations! To people on Twitter who bought houses or improved their living space

Your girl bought a house and started a NP school all by herself 😌

— Lisa🇱🇷🇳🇬 (@lmason_) December 30, 2022

Greatest success for 2022: Bought my first property.

— U (@Ukhonaye_M) January 4, 2023

created my dream apartment🥹

— Frederique (@FrederiqueD1) January 3, 2023

Me and the Loml bought our first house together 🫶🏽❤️

– YouTube: Madison Denise (@IAMMADIDENISE) December 30, 2022

Congratulations! To the people who have graduated or landed their dream careers or promotions

I bagged a PhD and won the Deans Prize for Innovation and Impact in Doctoral Research for the dissertation with the highest score 🏆

— BeardedChefZambia (@BeardedChefZam) December 31, 2022

Graduated with honors with a PhD in Veterinary Medicine from the only HBCU in the country with a vet school – Tuskegee University

– dr Williams (@imaniair) January 2, 2023

I got 4 promotions in a year💪🏾& this is my first construction job👷🏾‍♂️…I’ll just keep grinding and growing🙌🏾

— Yart🤺 (@YartiAm) December 31, 2022

Matched in Pediatrics for #Match2023 !! 🙏🏾💃🏾🍾🎉

– student dr Genesis James (@genesisjamesmd) January 2, 2023

2 degrees at 20 🥹

— ن (@glorygirlx) January 2, 2023

I graduated from law school, passed the bar exam and got a full-time job. 😁

— Bryan H., Esq. (@X_BryanH) January 1, 2023

Have a walk-in store for my business!🥹🥂
On the second slide, I usually fill the living room with client clothes while still working at home. God is so good!🥹🙏

— FalolaOyinlola (@FalolaOyinlola) January 1,

PhD and professor of neuroscience ✨

— Angeline Dukes, PhD (@TheRealDrDukes) January 1, 2023

In 2022 I became a father. I became a doctor. I became a professor. 2022 was a great year!!

I look forward to 2023!

— Eugene B. Lee-Johnson, PhD (@eugenejohnson_) December 31, 2022

I earned my MPH degree from FIU while working as a full-time math teacher on a Title 1 – where my students did best at FSA 😇 I was accepted into the only DrPH program I applied to AND finished my first semester with a 4.0 😛😛 Amen.

— Onyx Shea (@SheaOnyx) December 31, 2022

– I bought a property for my 25th birthday
-Went back to university to continue my studies
-Received a 100% scholarship for the 2023/24 academic years
– Earned two promotions, one in July and one in December, effective January

Have a nice year🥂💖Let’s see what 2024 has in store for us

— Sands (@SANDS_NTULI) December 31, 2022

My name is TYTUS and I headlined Chicago Fashion Week this fall while also being a full-time student at Grambling State University. My FW22 denim couture and sunglasses collection is available on my website

— TITUS (@TYTUSbytytus) January 1, 2023

Congratulations! To anyone who has started or expanded their business

I’ll brag about that forever
Opened my hair salon 🤭💜

— ley 💙 (@HoustonWigQueen) December 31, 2022

I sold a sculpture at my first official exhibition in the gallery!

— ˗ˏˋ amel ˎˊ˗ (@beandoodle) December 31, 2022

Have a walk-in store for my business!🥹🥂
On the second slide, I usually fill the living room with client clothes while still working at home. God is so good!🥹🙏

— FalolaOyinlola (@FalolaOyinlola) January 1,

I sold my 10,000th children’s book, Girls Like Me!

— Valerie (@valtheauthor) January 1, 2023

I quit my job to pursue my dream career and now I’m officially Oakland’s newest and youngest *hottest and brightest* black floral designer!!! I’m so proud of myself. 2022 was magical! 🙏🏾💕🌸

— Big Bob (@kaithurz) December 30, 2022

I wrote a digital cookbook, something I never dreamed I would do, and sold thousands of them. It was a small project that meant the world to me during a pretty tough year. Thanks again for your support, Fam! 💜

Food + Politics:

— Renee (@PettyLupone) December 30, 2022

I opened my first salon after selling hair online for the last 10 years 😭😭😭

Hairbymrsk Baby 💃🏻💃🏻

— Khodani Mudau (@KMudauu) December 30, 2022

My mom and I opened our event space in Bloomfield, NJ called The Royal Loft! 🥳👑👭🏽

– Mermaid. (@ceeeeenorita) December 30, 2022

Got my first book at Walmart, got my children’s book #1, and got interviewed on TV. All without a manager, publicist or agent 🥹

— Kira J (@IamKiraJ) December 30, 2022

Congratulations! To anyone who has won battles against medical fears or medical conditions

Done chemo. Finished irradiation. defeat cancer. Graduate from Harvard.


— America’s Problem (@zuri_too) December 31, 2022

Cover girl for MediClinic Family Magazine 🥺 A liver transplant survivor living with lymphedema 🙏

— IG: Mimo_Mokgosi (@MimoMokgosi) December 31, 2022

Congratulations! To anyone who has gotten engaged/married or extended their families

We did it!🥰❤️

— Baby’s wife🍒 (@MamelloSemela) December 31, 2022

THIS is what we did ❤️🥺

— Mbuelo May (@mbuelo_m) December 31, 2022

By the grace of Jehovah, I carried a twin to term and gave birth to two healthy boys. Thank you year 2022 for the gifts 🙏 #2022Memories

— Dalilla Nimpagaritse 🇧🇮♀️💪🕊🌺 (@DalillaNimpaga1) December 30, 2022

Became a father 🤩

— Hired Entrepreneur (@TayOnTech) December 30

Damn, I’m late, but I’ve done nothing but create a toothless twin. Lol 🔥

— Your hair is shorter than mine (@_StillTheShawn) January 2, 2023

Marry my best friend 🥰

— Kay Hayden, RN, Doula, CBE (@kayscorner__) December 30, 2022

Congratulations! To everyone on Twitter who has smashed other personal goals like weight loss, new car, travel, etc.

Got a full ride to law school and changed my body type.

— 𝑀𝑒𝓁 ♈️ (@MelW__) December 30, 2022

One of my many wins 🥹💕

— Bindii💕, Msc (@Rheyez_UrLevel) December 30, 2022

Bought a Porsche without a car note

— . (@StrawberryGluee) December 30, 2022

I won a national championship 😭

— jai (@jaaiii__) January 3, 2023

1. My e-book launched on Amazon (new full book in the works).
2. I completed my MBA and became a part-time lecturer at my university. @utrgv
3. Bought my dream car @Tesla
4. Launch of our mobile app MVP @MyFluenceApp
5. Triple our 2021 sales at @BrandGeniuz

— Yaw Sam (@yawwsam) December 31, 2022

1. Increased my crop production by 100%….
2. I bought one of my favorite pickup trucks
3. Influence my farmers by sharing knowledge.

— Turbo Charged (@fearlessracing) December 30, 2022

My weirdest inflection is to have an absolute fear of airplanes and enrolled in a flight school to try to overcome my fear. I’ll rip the shit out of the wheel, but I’m working on it! Private pilot license on the go ✨

— Alexa Lisitza (@AlexaLisitza) January 3, 2023

I became a firefighter in my town. 3 of us in my family now.

— Kese (@Markese1_) December 31, 2022

one of the first plus-size men to ever walk New York Fashion Week.

— ★ (@guywithfreckles) December 30, 2022

As of Wednesday, the original tweet had over 58,000 quote tweets of achievements from people around the world.

But this article is meant to energize that Issa Rae! And if you need a hint (and aren’t on Twitter often), that means we’re all cheering Black!

Here’s to 2023, may it top the last wild, wild year!

All of these stories are so powerful, motivating, keep pushing. (answers as best I can)

— Underrated Society (@WeSoUnderRated) December 29, 2022

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