Blac Chyna’s Presenter Says She Is Not Accountable For Tweets About Tyga – “Twitter Account Has Been Hacked”

On Monday, a few tweets about #Tyga were generated from #BlacChyna’s account, but a representative from her camp says she was not responsible for the tweets because she was “hacked”.

One tweet said, “Tyga loves transsexuals, me 2”, followed by another tweet saying “Tell the truth, Tyga”.

A representative from Blac Chyna’s camp spoke exclusively to #TSR and said her account had been hacked.

“Unfortunately, Blac Chyna’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday because she did not intentionally speak negatively about Tyga online,” the spokesman said. She continued, “We apologize for what has been said about him on her platform and we are working tirelessly to get her account back under her control.”

Most recently, Blac Chyna found himself in a legal battle with Rob Kardashian, her daughter’s father. According to E News in December 2020, both Rob and Chyna reached a joint custody agreement back in 2017, but it unfortunately failed. Nevertheless, they were able to agree on a new agreement this month that allows both of them to have custody on a rotating weekly schedule. Both Rob and Chyna have agreed to share the same amount of time over vacations and holidays.

They also agreed to be drug and alcohol free while Dream is under their care. As previously reported, Rob had applied for custody of Dream back in January, claiming that Chyna was a threat to her. He alleged that Chyna drank and used drugs and that her daughter’s behavior had deteriorated because of Chyna’s parenting.

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