BK Brasco Slams Sierra Gates’ Allegations Of Dishonest And Utilizing Her For Cash (Unique)

Following Monday’s new season premiere of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,’ Sierra Gates had some words to get off her chest about ex-fianceé BK Brasco. The reality star and entrepreneur alleged that BK “cheated on [her] for years” and “used [her] for [her] money.” In response, BK Brasco exclusively spoke with The Shade Room and revealed Sierra’s allegations are unprovoked “lies.”

BK shut down talks of using Sierra for her coins, saying that’s “not my thing” because he’s “a man first” who can “stand on his own two.” He shared that as a couple, they held each other down.

“We helped each other,” BK told The Shade Room. “Me and her helped each other….everything from mind, body and soul we wanted to do, and we did it together, and now I’m the worst person? Come on, don’t do that.”

The entrepreneur expressed multiple times that he does not know where the allegations are stemming from. His first theory seemed to be that Sierra might’ve been triggered by backlash received after the new episode aired. Still, he says it was her choice to leave and to allegedly cheat, therefore, she shouldn’t attempt to “destroy his character.”

For his second theory, BK said the “hell” started after he recently posted a photo of his new boo, Jasmine Arrick.

“This is the whole thing, if you moved on 100 percent…you shouldn’t even care about what this man thinking bout. If you truly happy and moved on, why are you coming at me? Cause the show came on? We know the show was coming on.”

He alleged that Sierra was calling people he knows, like his cousin, asking to speak to him. In regards to cheating during their relationship, BK also deemed those as “lies.”

“Why would she be with me if I cheated on her for years,” BK said. “When we first met, I had friends, I had girls that I was dealing with and I told her I didn’t want to be with her, I wanted to be friends with her then she was like ‘yo no I want you’ so I got rid of these girls and we started our relationship.”

He admitted he might’ve messed up here and there by “texting some girl here or there,” but he stands strong that he didn’t cheat on Sierra for the last two and a half years of their relationship and was focusing on disciplining himself and winning.

“I didn’t see the signs like what she said that she was going left, like I didn’t see that because I was focused on winning because I was matching her energy,” he said. “She was winning and I had to match hers.”

Bk ended the conversation by saying he just wants to get the facts straight.

“…I may not be the guy for her, he may be her match, he may be her equal, but that doesn’t make me a less of a man,” BK said. “…That’s what she wants and they may match better than us, but don’t try to downplay me for something that you did. I didn’t do nothing. I gave you a ring. I got on my knees.”

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