Biden SOTU was an enormous hit, in line with new ballot

A flash poll of CNN SOTU watchers found that Biden’s speech was a huge success.

Video from CNN of their Flash poll:

CNN flash poll of #SOTU watchers reveals Biden’s speech was a huge success.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 8, 2023

CNN reported:

Again, this is a poll of speech watchers and an overall more pro-democracy audience given the fact that this is a Democratic president. Tonight more democratic than the country as a whole. But we asked people if Biden’s policies – will they move the country in the right direction or in the wrong direction – 71% said the right direction. 29% said the wrong direction. But I want to compare that 71% to what people were thinking pre-speech – we could look pre-speech and per-speech. You will see, hear the movement of people who thought his policies would move the country in the right direction. Before the speech, 52% of speech watchers said they believe Biden policy was moving in the right direction, and after the speech, which rose to 71%, we see something similar in economic policy, particularly at Anderson

So 66% of speech watchers say that Biden’s economic policy is moving the country in the right direction… I think it was about 50% of those people, so his economic policy would be moving the country in the right direction. But after the speech, the proportion rose to 66%. That’s exactly what the White House is looking for on the eve of the President, who is likely to announce a re-election campaign.

Biden gained almost 20 points on whether his policies are moving the country in the right direction, and the President gained 16 points on his economic policies.

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President Biden’s speech was a great success. Before his speech, polls showed that the American people didn’t know much about Biden’s economic achievements. After his SOTU, Americans are better informed and more supportive of his policies.

The difference is that Biden maintained an uninterrupted conversation with the American with no media filtering involved. When the American people understand what Biden is doing, they like it.

All of this is great news for the President and Democrats, and a huge red flag for Republicans who believe they can retake the White House in 2024.

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