Biden sends a message to North Korea that he isn’t a sucker like Trump

When asked what his requirements were for meeting the North Koreans, President Biden made it clear that he was not being played like Trump.


Biden makes it clear that he wouldn’t be played for a sucker like Trump did with North Korea.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) May 21, 2021

President Biden said:

What I never do is I never make a judgment about what a man or woman will or will not do based on what they have said. We’ll see if he’s committed. Then I would meet with him. If there was a commitment that we met. And the commitment must be that there is a discussion about its nuclear arsenal. And if it’s just a means we’re using to de-escalate what they’re doing. If that were the case, I would not meet unless some outline was made and my Secretary of State negotiated how we would proceed.

But what I wouldn’t do is do what has been done in the recent past. I wouldn’t give him everything he is looking for, international recognition as legitimate and tell them what allowed him to move in a direction that he seems to be more – how can I tell? More seriously, he wasn’t serious at all. I should know the details. But with the idea of ​​never meeting North Korea, I would make sure that me and my team have met with their colleagues and that they know exactly what we are going to meet.

Biden would do the opposite of what Trump did. He would listen to his team, make clear and concrete commitments about what the meeting would be about, make North Korea’s nuclear program a prerequisite for any conversation, and not give Kim Jong-un the legitimacy he desperately longs for on the world stage.

Gone are the days when America was played by a murderous little despot.

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