Biden declares first spherical of funding for EV charging community in 35 states

President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced the release of the first round of funding for a nationwide electric vehicle charging network that will fund the construction of stations in 35 states.

“I’m pleased to announce that we are approving funding for the first 35 states, including Michigan, to build their own statewide charging infrastructure,” Biden said at the Detroit Auto Show, facing a barrage of electric vehicles.

Biden was a big proponent of electric vehicles, Legislative incentives signed to encourage consumers to buy and businesses to build. The bipartisan Infrastructure Act provided $7.5 billion for a national electric vehicle charging network, while the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act both contained provisions designed to encourage the development of the industry in the United States.

“They will all be part of a network of 500,000 charging stations — 500,000 — across the country installed by the IBEW,” Biden said, Referring to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union.

Biden noted that his administration has poured $135 billion into developing and manufacturing electric vehicles.

“You used to have to make all sorts of compromises when buying an electric car, but not anymore,” Biden said. “Look, the great American road trip will be fully electrified, whether you’re driving coast-to-coast along I-10 or on I-75 here in Michigan, charging stations will be as easy to find as they are now.”

The lack of ubiquitous chargers remains one of the biggest obstacles to electric vehicles nationwide. The tax credits included in the Inflation Reduction Act are intended to give Americans incentives to buy electric vehicles, including first-time buyers of used electric vehicles.

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