Biden crushes Republican hopes that he’ll oppose impeachment in opposition to Trump

President-elect Biden said the Senate can multitask if Trump is charged and told reporters that Trump does not belong in office.


Biden makes it clear to Republicans that he will not oppose Trump’s impeachment. The president-elect called on the Senate to multitask and pass its stimulus package if Trump is indicted.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 11, 2021

Biden was asked if he was concerned about an impeachment disrupting the COVID stimulus bill: “Look. My priority is first and foremost to pass the stimulus plan and secondly to start rebuilding the economy as I will set out on Thursday. I had a discussion with some people in the House and in the Senate today … The impeachment will be referred to the Senate. We will spend half a day dealing with impeachment and half a day nominating and approving my people. “

President-elect Biden will not stand in the way of re-indicting Trump. According to the Biden Pool Report, the president-elect told reporters that Trump does not belong in office. Biden is not going to save the Republicans for impeachment.

The House will indict Trump a second time, and if Spokeswoman Pelosi sticks to her plan, she will send the impeachment article to the Senate after Biden’s candidates are confirmed and the stimulus bill is passed.

Joe Biden won’t stand in the way of Trump to be tried a second time.

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