Biden attracted extra viewers than Trump along with his CNN City Corridor

How much has Donald Trump’s CNN Town Hall failed? In the same format and on the same channel, President Biden attracted more viewers than Trump.

The Washington Post has this interesting little note: “At a time when CNN was struggling to reverse its viewership decline, the show proved a disappointment in ratings, with Nielsen reporting just 3.1 million total viewers.” That was a big gain over CNN’s typical 8 p.m. show, but smaller audiences than CNN’s Town Hall with President Biden last summer (3.7 million) and six previous Trump Town Halls carried by Fox News — reflecting both the appeal of CNN as well as Trump questioned. ”

Which is it? Don’t people want to see CNN, or don’t people want to see Trump?

The answer is that Donald Trump copied the Fox News model of retaining followers. In terms of business structures, Trump and Fox News share the same DNA. The real implication of this dynamic is that a network that decides to host Trump is unlikely to attract as many viewers as Fox News does for the same event.

CNN seems to have many misconceptions about Trump and his supporters.

Trump himself isn’t big enough to lure Fox viewers to CNN. This dynamic suggests that CNN destroyed its credibility with an audience that would never come.

None of this explains how Biden was able to attract more viewers than Trump to CNN. There are a significant number of Americans who don’t want to see or hear Trump, and have absolutely no interest in listening to the former President and watching him play his oldies.

The numbers don’t lie, and they tell us that Joe Biden has more appeal on TV than Donald Trump.

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