Beyoncé is exhibiting never-before-seen footage of their youngsters to have a good time 2021

It’s no secret that Beyoncés was one for the books in 2020. From releasing an incredible visual album on Disney +, Black Is King, to winning a BET Award with her daughter Blue, the singer had a lot to celebrate.

For her UK Vogue cover in October 2020, the “Black Parade” star opened up about her family life and how she learned the art of doing nothing.

“I’ve learned that my voice is clearer when I’m quiet. I really appreciate this time with my family and my new goal is to slow down and remove stressful things from my life,” she said. “I got into the music industry when I was 15 and grew up with the world. I published projects non-stop. I released Lemonade on the Formation World Tour, gave birth to twins, played for Coachella, directed Homecoming, dated Jay and then with Black Is King on another world tour, all back to back. It was hard and hectic. “

“I’ve spent a lot of time building my heritage and representing my culture the way I can,” she continued. “Now I’ve decided to give myself permission to focus on my joy.”

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