Bernie Sanders commends Biden for making authorities work for middle-class People

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Tuesday commended Joe Biden for signing the historic American bailout plan last week and showing the country that the Democratic Party is the middle class party.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Senator Sanders said if Democrats continue to adopt a workers-centered agenda, they will win more elections and retain control of the House and Senate.

“They actually care about the needs of the American people,” Sanders said. “The Democratic Party must continue to do that.”

He added, “If we do that, we will transform this country and become a political force that does not lose control of the House and Senate.”


Bernie Sanders says Joe Biden and the Democrats will keep control of the House and Senate if they continue to campaign for the middle class as they did with the American bailout plan.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) March 17, 2021

Senator Sanders said:

What was so important about this piece of legislation isn’t just the $ 1,400. Don’t just start dealing with the pandemic effectively. Don’t just cut child poverty in half. Don’t just bring money to states and cities that urgently need it. Don’t just prolong unemployment. Not only developing great summer programs for our children, but also community health centers across the country are expanding. It is that and a lot more. It is finally the case that the United States Congress is intensely addressing and responding to the problems of working families, rather than listening to corporate lobbyists rather than wealthy campaign contributors. They actually pay attention to the needs of the American people. And that is what the Democratic Party must continue to do, and if we do, we will transform this country and become a political force that does not lose control of the House and Senate.

Biden helps the middle class and unites the Democratic Party

Donald Trump spent four years reaching out to working class Americans – especially those who live in Midwestern states – without actually doing anything to help them. He hoped racist dog whistles and cultural debates were enough to keep them in the MAGA corner.

Biden is doing just the opposite by turning off the political noise and simply showing the American people that the government can respond to the needs of the middle class, especially at a time of unprecedented crisis.

Not only has Joe Biden won a historic legislative victory for the American people, but Bernie Sanders’ praise shows that he has united the Democratic Party in the process.

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