Bella Hadid will get a costume spray-painted on her bare physique at Paris Vogue Week

Bella Hadid not only kills the catwalk, she sprays.

During Paris Fashion Week, the supermodel caused a stir at the Coperni runway show on September 30 when she strutted topless down the runway, covering her breasts with her hands while wearing nude underwear and heels.

Reaching center stage, Bella stood erect and still while a team of three technicians painted a layer of white latex onto her naked body.

As they sprayed the paint, the 25-year-old raised her arms one at a time as her work slowly transformed into a mid-length dress with a high slit. When the artwork was complete, Bella rushed wildly down the runway showing off her new, made-to-measure ensemble.

The dress was made from Fabrican, a sprayable fabric invented in 2003 that cures into clothing. According to the company’s website, Founder Manuel Torres “envisioned a material that magically conforms to the body like a second skin, yet looks like clothing. With years of research and experimentation culminating in the realization of a sprayable substance from an aerosol can, Fabrican was born.”

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