BDSY’s Daisy Talks Colin Hookup & Gary’s “Annoying” Response

That romance below deck on a sailing yacht definitely rocks the boat.

Daisy Kelher reveals the story behind her season four boatmanance with a longtime friend and colleague Colin McRae. As the Bravo series’ dramatic trailer teased, the Chief Stew enjoys more than a steamy smooch with Parsifal III’s chief engineer – and her former love interest, First Mate Gary KingShe’s not very happy about that.

“I think there was always a little bit like that, but he always had a girlfriend,” Daisy told E! News from Colin, who adds their chemistry “happened naturally” this season.

But Daisy had no plans to pursue her crewmate this season.

“Obviously Colin is a handsome guy,” the reality star continued, “but for me it’s always been a friendship and when you’ve been friends with someone for that long and they have a partner, you kind of put them in the friend zone.” So I didn’t exactly anticipate it, but I kinda make out with people I’m friends with. I find people’s personalities attractive. So if I’m friends with you, I probably find your demeanor attractive in some way.”

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